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The Guru Pellet Feeder is a subtle tool that has a couple of key advantages over standard method feeders. First of all, the hook bait is placed inside the feeder, which effectively shields it, the hook link and the free bait on the cast. This makes the Pellet Feeder THE feeder of choice for fishing right in among reeds or sedges, where clipping the foliage is almost essential to get a bite. The design of this feeder means that the bait can exit from only one angle, straight out of the open end. Therefore, feeding fish are drawn right up to the feeder itself, sucking on a direct line to the hook bait, which is waiting inside.
The second major advantage is that these feeders allow you to effectively regulate the amount of bait that you feed. The two sizes of feeder can be loaded with much smaller amounts of bait than even our method feeders. Therefore, if drip-feeding your swim is the way forward, then using the Pellet Feeder is the best option.
The development team engineered a weight-forward design that helps you chuck further and more accurately, especially in challenging, windy conditions. The frame itself has benefitted from the same painstaking colour research as the other feeders in the range, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with most lakebed conditions.
As with the Method Feeder, the Pellet Feeder is available with X-Safe elasticated fitting or standard In-Line tube. Two sizes of Pellet Feeder are available, 24g and 28g. All the Guru feeders are interchangeable.


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Feeder technology has moved on a long way in recent years and our three models are already market leaders in a rapidly evolving scene. The Method and Pellet Feeders epitomize the Guru ethos. They’ve been designed from the ground up and the result is a truly radical range that we believe has genuinely moved the discipline forward. Rather than lobbing a coconut-sized ball of stodge ‘somewhere out there’ with stiff and unresponsive rods, these feeders take accuracy and finesse to the next level. Alex Bones and Steve Ringer made the tapered shape and weight-forward design a priority and boy was it worth it. Our feeders fly like darts, cutting through crosswinds, allowing you to hit the spot every time and effortlessly build your spot.
The Pellet and Method Feeders are completely interchangeable so you can swap and change size and baiting method quickly and easily. Both are available as standard in-line versions or X-Safe, elasticated systems. It’s worth pointing out that both versions are super safe, allowing the fish to ditch the feeder if the line breaks. The X-Safe feeders feature a neat, quick-change clip that allows you to have spare, baited feeders in your side tray, ready to go as soon as you land a fish.
Cage feeders are the latest addition to our range, offering great value for money. They’re more conventional than our inline feeders but have benefitted from some tweaking by the development team that elevates them above normal cage feeder. They have enlarged holes in them that make for much quicker bait discharge, which is perfect for targeting shallow island margins or rivers. They’ll hold pellet, groundbaits, liquidized bread and even cubes of meat, all of which discharge easily and quickly, allowing you to get quicker bites.
So, whether you’re fishing shallow island margins for carp on commercials, or tackling rivers for barbel, chub or bream, you’ll find a feeder to suit within the Guru range.